Successful Sales Strategies For Q4

Successful Sales Strategies For Q4

As you head into Q4, are you thinking about how to end off the year with a bang? You can achieve your Q4 financial goals, or they could go down in flames. You have to start thinking about what you can do so that your sales don’t decrease during this time. Start with these successful sales strategies for Q4 and watch your sales skyrocket.


Follow Up

Have your prospects disappeared recently? A great way to reel them back in is to follow up. Remember, I talk about over 20+ different ways you can follow up with potential buyers. Please ensure you get in front of them and keep following up until you get a definitive yes or no answer. The key here is consistency. You want to be persistent but not annoying.

Successful Sales Strategies For Q4


Think Outside of the Box

Don’t keep on doing what you’ve always done. Think outside of the box and come up with something new to get more sales in Q4. The holidays may mess up your sales (depending on what you’re selling), but it doesn’t have to. If you think about ways to get your prospects’ attention and think of ways to approach them differently, you may be surprised by the numbers.


Do the Impossible

Put your mind to the test and try to do something you’ve never done before in Q4. It could be something like creating a new marketing plan. What you need to do here is out-do yourself every single month. By doing this, you’ll not only meet your goals but exceed them in no time.


Create FOMO

There’s no better time than Q4 to create FOMO (the fear of missing out). Why? Because it’s nearing the end of the year, and usually the best deals pop up around this time and quite frankly don’t return until a year later. So if there’s any time to create FOMO, it’s now! This season is a chance to create urgency and get your prospects to buy now instead of wait.


Social Media Sales

Social media is a catalyst for sales, and what better way to sell to your prospects than over emojis and promotional emails. With this one, people will become inundated with holiday emails, Black Friday deals, Thanksgiving and more. It’s essential to decide on the best sales strategy and how you’ll stand out from your competition during this time. Use your master sales skills on digital platforms. Get people into your sales funnel and start building solid and long-lasting relationships with warm leads.


Relationship Building

Speaking of warm leads, why not focus on building relationships with them and focus less on metrics. We always get caught up in the numbers, but it’s important to remember you’re selling to another human. Place the focus on the prospect, their wants, needs, and challenges. Make sure that you listen carefully and qualify them before you start hard-selling them on your offer.

Successful Sales Strategies For Q4


Finally, make sure you take action according to the strategies above. Don’t let Q4 pass you by without maximizing its potential. By considering these steps and creating an incredible plan that will help you grow sales this holiday season. Remember that each quarter needs different sales strategies so, take some time to learn new ones with our sales courses available at



Be Great,

Grant Cardone