Is Your Team Asking Hard Questions?

Is Your Team Asking Hard Questions?

A part of the selling process is being inquisitive so is your team asking hard questions that close?


The reason I ask is, when I started my first business at 29, I anticipated that it would take me three months to get the income I previously had. Well, it actually took me three years. Three months in, I nearly quit – not because of the money, but because of the amount of resistance and disappointment I experienced. I was lost…


I wasn’t asking the right questions, I wasn’t taking enough risks, and I wasn’t closing as many sales as I wanted because I didn’t have the right answers… but now I do and I am sharing this with you.

Is Your Team Asking Hard Questions?

Extreme success, by definition, lies beyond the realm of normal action. You have to get uncomfortable and ask hard questions in order to “hit that vein” and get the customer to have a realization and make a decision right there and then.

When it comes to selling there is a proven process that will generate results and you can find in my The Sales Process course on Cardone University. 


Along with a solid strategy plan and the right questions, your business can significantly increase to 10X levels.


Here are seven hard questions your team needs to ask your customers:


  1. Why haven’t you done this already?
  2. Have you ever done something like this before?
  3. What’s your real concern?
  4. If I resolve all your concerns would you make a decision to buy?
  5. If I handle everything, are you in a position to make the decision?
  6. Other than yourself who needs to be involved?
  7. How can you justify investing this much money?


In Cardone University you will get access to new tactics and proven tools that will help your team generate leads, get past the gatekeepers, master objections, and control the conversation in order to close every deal.

Is Your Team Asking Hard Questions?

The Sales Process course will show you how to get motivated to create the perfect sales process for both you and your customers. The sales training in this course offers a blended learning approach, which includes consultation from your in-house training facilitator to help design your perfected sales process, and then follow up with a plan to implement it.




Asking questions is always a good look.