The 10 Reasons Closers Fail

The 10 Reasons Closers Fail

There are multiple reasons why deals don’t go through and it has a lot to do with communication, navigation, and the decision process. 

If the communication in the sales cycle does not go well then both parties can feel like they are not getting the deal done, which is exactly what will happen. 

It all comes down to knowing what you, your team, and the customer are doing in order to get the deal done. 

The best closers in the world truly understand their customer and know how to navigate objections, challenges, and problems with the right words. 

To understand the customer you have to know one simple thing that will make your closing experience easier…

The 10 Reasons Closers Fail

Understand that you are providing an answer to a customer who has a problem and looking for a solution. Believe that you are that solution and offer them what they need to make them feel like they are the hero

What I’m trying to say is that there is already a need for the product or service in their life…

…your job is to help finalize their decision to create a solution to their issue with your product or service. 

Here’s a statistic you might not know…


The customer is already 67% of the way through the buying process before they even get to your product or service. 

So what does that mean for you?

It means they have been shopping online and looking at other products, the different pieces of inventory, but this does not mean they are on the right product.

This is where you have to start offering options and be prepared with your arsenal of closing techniques.

There are always going to be new ways to improve your sales process so you can bring in more revenue, elevate your business, and increase your clientele…

The 10 Reasons Closers Fail

In The 10 Reasons Closers Fail course you will get why deals fail and learn the steps that you need to take so you can succeed in closing. 

Just to give you a basic outline, the top ten reasons why most people fail to close is due to…

  1. Not enough attempts. 
  2. Pressure is perceived as a bad thing.
  3. Unwillingness to deal with emotions.
  4. Lack of belief in the product or service.
  5. Incorrect estimation of effort.
  6. Being “Reasonable”.
  7. No financial plan in place.
  8. Handling objections that are only complaints. 
  9. Shortage of Closing Material.
  10. Incorrect Barriers.

If you want to know more and find out how you can avoid losing a sale then I encourage you to dive deep into this course. You can master your sales technique and Cardone University has all your tools and resources to make that happen. 



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Be great,

Grant Cardone

From Health Comes Wealth

From Health Comes Wealth

The American Dream is to have freedom. The freedom to do what you want, when you want and that requires wealth, health, and a positive support system.

The recipe to becoming a millionaire has parts…

2 parts – Mental

1 part – Mechanical 

From Health Comes Wealth

Most importantly you have to believe in the possibility that your goals can become a reality and that you are capable of achieving them.

A healthy mindset can get you anything you want…


In my How to Go from Zero to 7 Figures course you can learn how you can create health and wealth so you can be successful in all areas of your life.

When it comes to having freedom you have to work hard towards your mission, passion, goals, and most of all you have to work on YOU. 

You will not believe how many Americans are watching their life pass by when they could be living an extraordinary one…

…all because they are not willing to take actions…

…or they just don’t believe that they can achieve anything. 

Let me give you some stats so you can understand the economic facts of what we are dealing with here…

  • 47% of Americans don’t have $400 in their checking account
  • 62-76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.
  • 50% of Americans take home less than $30k per year.
  • Incomes have fallen an average of $5,000 since 2007.
  • Home ownership is at its lowest in 20 years.
  • More businesses have closed than opened.
  • 33% of Americans with student loans are behind on their payments.
  • Average Americans work 4 months of each year just to pay taxes.
  • 65% of all children in the US receive government assistance.

It has never been more important than NOW to become a millionaire—which is actually the new middle class. 

A recent survey showed that 94% of people know they need more than $500k to retire comfortably. 

Are you in that percentile? If not, would you like to be?

From Health Comes Wealth

I promise you that you can be if you make the commitment to make it happen.

Start by getting my How to Go from Zero to 7 Figures course and take the step-by-step process to create wealth for yourself. 

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Be great,

Grant Cardone

Time To Break The Chains

Time To Break The Chains

It’s time to break the chains. Are you feeling like your life has gotten repetitive? 

Do you find yourself trapped in the daily grind?

You are not the only one but you are the only one who can do something about it.

Time To Break The Chains

It’s time to take a step back, analyze your situation and determine how you can break the chains that are holding you in place. I can show you how to get started and all you have to do is to open your mind to new possibilities and realize that change begins with you. 

These four actions will help you break free from whatever is holding you back:

  • Regroup –  Get your priorities in check! Make a list and make it count.
  • Refresh – Update your daily routine with some new positive add-ons. 
  • Refocus – Put yourself in a winning mentality so you can regain your confidence.
  • Repeat – Carry out your action plan every day as written (no shortcuts). 

There’s no better time to execute these four actions than NOW!
Sometimes we get stuck and the only way we can move on is to make a life-changing decision.

I want to remind you that you are powerful. We are all born powerful. It’s how we choose to channel that power (or not) that differentiates us from the rest – from the  ordinary to the extraordinary. With my coaching you’ll be able to access your power, learn what you need to do to increase your income and map out your path to success. I’ll show you how to dominate your space by incorporating the following elements into your life:

  • Positivity – A mindset which establishes good energy and vibrations. 
  • Action – Risks, opportunities, and decisions create productivity. 
  • “YES” thinking – Brings on new possibilities for abundance.
  • Belief – Solidifies goals, dreams, and creates reality. 

Time To Break The Chains

The process of working on yourself never ends. You need to constantly grow to be the best version of yourself. 


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-Grant Cardone


PS- Here’s a great way to get in gear! In my 5 Steps to your Best Year Ever course you’ll learn the top things NOT to worry about—and the things you MUST pay attention to if you want to get unstuck. I encourage you to watch my 5 Steps to your Best Year Ever course today and start living your best life.

Selling Versus Serving: Five Ways To Get Them Both Right

Selling Versus Serving: Five Ways To Get Them Both Right

Selling versus serving:Five ways to get them both right. When it comes to successfully closing sales does your team know the difference between selling and serving? Better yet, are they selling a product or service or are they properly serving your customers? It’s a trick question because if they knew how to close deals properly they would be doing both!
Selling Versus Serving: Five Ways To Get Them Both Right

If your team is not doing both you are losing out on potential profit and they are losing out on potential commissions.

There’s a simple solution and it all starts with implementing new strategies and effective tactics found in the How to Close Deals: Massive Profits course now available on Cardone University.

To give you a sample of how we can help your team here are are FIVE ways to distinguish serving vs selling:

  1. Offer Value – Be resourceful for your prospects by providing valuable information in the form of emails, blogs, social media, mail-outs or phone calls.
  2. Offer Time – Show your potential customers and clients that you respect them by listening to them – listening builds trust and helps establish a foundation for a viable and profitable relationship.
  3. Offer Solutions – Businesses will buy products or services which solve their problems. So be the solution to their problem but also tailor it to their needs – a personal touch is more about serving than selling.
  4. Offer Understanding – Do the background homework on your potential customers and clients. Do NOT assume you know everything about their business and what they need – ask questions so you can get to know them better. This will help you understand their pain points, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
  5. Offer Consistency – This is what differentiates a selling VS serving due to the fact that serving follows up and doesn’t forget a customer. You definitely want to stay in touch with your customers post sale and keep them updated on any new valuable information, products or services, special offers, deals, news, and company updates.


Make sure your team knows how to sell your goods or services and how to serve our customers. Encouraging them to take the How to Close Deals: Massive Profits course so they can successfully make the most of every lead and close every deal.


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Selling Versus Serving: Five Ways To Get Them Both Right

Sell! Serve! Succeed!


-Grant Cardone

Importance Of A Powerful Customer Greeting

The Importance Of A Powerful Customer Greeting

Importance of a powerful customer greeting can make all the difference. Your first impression can make or break a deal. Having a powerful customer greeting will not only create the possibility of successfully closing a sale but can also solidify a new client relationship.

If you have a business or a position in sales, one of the first things you must master is the greeting if you truly want to be successful in the field. 

The key is to have confidence, act in a professional manner, and articulate clearly with all your clients. When you have their respect they will keep doing business with you.

Your goal with the greeting is to make a great impression- that’s it.

What you say and how you say it will set the tone for the rest of the deal so you need to nail the greeting! 

Those first seconds of meeting a customer or potential new client can NEVER be taken back or changed.

Here are some tips: 

  • Smile and speak clearly with confidence. Also wear a name badge if you have one. It will reinforce your presence and help to build a rapport.

  • Make eye contact, be present, listen for their name, and use their name in the conversation – you want to make them feel important.

  • Don’t be offended by brush-offs. There will be people that will think about you as another salesperson who they didn’t like in the past.

Importance Of A Powerful Customer Greeting

After the initial welcome, you want to put the customer at ease so they drop their guard. You want to establish some common ground with them while differentiating yourself from others at the same time. 

Why is your offer, product, or service better and what can YOU do personally that’s superior than others in your industry?

If you can’t put them at ease you’re not going to build trust. That means you’re going to struggle to build that relationship. If you want to control the process, be authentic, lead with facts, and sell the idea of working with you, not necessarily the deal. 

The steps are easy… 

  • Welcome.
  • Make yourself known.
  • Put people at ease.
  • Differentiate yourself.
  • Grab control of the process. 

Control is essential to selling. You will either have control or you won’t have control and control equals close. 

Importance Of A Powerful Customer Greeting

The greeting is like oxygen to your lungs—it’s vital to get it right.”

There is one thing that I want to suggest…

When it comes to scheduling a meeting – GO TO THEM. Go to the buyer. Don’t have them come to you. The further you go the closer they come to you… get it?

Remember, they aren’t interested in you—you need to be interested in them. The person that travels the furthest is the person most interested. They traveled 30 feet, you needed to travel 30 miles. Show them by your actions that you are interested in them. Know that every prospect you get in front of is real. One day, somehow, somewhere, they will buy—so treat them all like buyers. Regardless of what they say to you, there is opportunity with every client. Every prospect you meet is a sales opportunity. 

To review, and to give you some additional advanced tips to use in order to be powerful in your first greeting, remember:

  • Prepare yourself for every possible encounter. 
  • Never take anything the customer says personally. 
  • Dress to the level that suggests you can actually buy the products that you sell.
  • See the deal before you ever wait on a customer. 
  • Go to them. Never have them come to you. 
  • Check your facts before the greeting. 
  • Put your problems aside and focus on the customer. 
  • Look to build trust and gain common ground. 
  • Know and act like you can make the sale. 
  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Act professionally. 

When it comes to completing a sale from start to finish there is a proven process that continues to work for me and my team over and over again. 

Cardone University’s courses can show you how you can master greetings, overcome objections, and close sales effectively so that you and your team can make the most of every lead.


For more information CLICK HERE.


Time To Impress!


– Grant Cardone

Mastering Negotiating & Closing

Mastering Negotiating & Closing

Mastering Negotiating and closing. Do you want to become a master in the art of negotiating deals and closing sales?


Take my Cardone University Negotiations & Closing Master Class.


Imagine being able to complete any transaction, anytime and with anyone. That means using words with the power to control the conversation and determine the outcome in advance. 

It’s a powerful skill that separates those who have and those who don’t have…



Mastering Negotiating & Closing

This is a critical skill that will allow you to get what you want in life, in your career, and when you’re out there selling ANYTHING


If you can truly master this skills you will have abundance in your life. I promise you this.


Life is about negotiating and when you learn to become a master negotiator you’ll be able to get your way in the boardroom, at the negotiating table, and even at home. Everyone needs this skill and only a few really have it. 


You may feel like you have it good right now but nothing truly great happens until you have the ability to influence other people. Closing a deal is that final step in achieving complete control over your life.


With the Cardone University Negotiations & Closing Master Class you will gain the ability to become an exceptional individual that makes dreams come true. That’s right, not just your own, but others as well. 


The world is filled with grand ideas and big dreams but it’s short on people who can get others to provide funding,  support, and assistance in making MASSIVE DREAMS come true. 


The skill to negotiate and close is required by everyone as it determines whether you will get your way in life. Sounds like an overstatement?


You recognize the names of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos because they were able to close others on their ideas. They were able to get support from others in order to bring their ideas to life.

Look at how successful those individuals became. Now imagine yourself on that same level.


Mastering Negotiating & Closing

Let me remind you that the art of negotiating and closing is not confined to just salespeople. It’s a skill required by anyone who wants to present their ideas, dreams, products or services to the world.

Give yourself that essential skill now when you master negotiating and closing.


Get training now. 



-Grant Cardone

Mastering Sales Means Mastering Objections

Mastering Sales Means Mastering Objections

Did you know? Mastering sales means mastering objections. Are you hearing some version of “Not interested!” more often?


Do a prospect’s excuses shut you down completely?


Have you gotten to a point where asking anything from anyone has become discouraging?


Objections are a part of the sales process and if you don’t know how to overcome them then selling becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible.
Mastering Sales Means Mastering Objections

People will always object when you try to sell them something. It’s just in our nature. That’s why I created the Mastering Objections Course in Cardone University, which helps you prepare before you get hit with that inevitable objection and come back stronger to close the sale.


First you have to start by making a commitment. The commitment to convert the disapproval or rejection into a SUCCESSFUL SALE!


Whether it’s a product, a service, or an idea – you can turn a “NO!” into a “YES!” or better yet prevent the customer from objecting in the first place. You might not know this but you have a break in your cycle (where the objection lies) so you need to identify what that is and reinvent your approach.


If you want to become a master at handling objections you’ll need to achieve a level of preparation where you’re able to pitch, offer a solution, handle any objection, and instantly regain control over the conversation in real time.
Mastering Sales Means Mastering Objections

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Cardone University Mastering Objections Course:

  • Prospecting
  • Building Rapport
  • Proposals
  • Creating Interest
  • Demonstrating/Presenting
  • Determining Wants/Needs
  • Why You Can’t Close Sales And How To Change That
  • Why You Can’t Grow Your Income And The Solution


Sound like areas you might need work on? This is just the beginning of how I can teach you to amplify your sales technique for you to see immediate results. 


Get the training tools you need to handle even the most difficult verbal sales obstacles so you can become a better closer and a top producer. I can show you how you can take complete control over your sales process and dramatically increase your closing ratio.

There’s no better way to approach a call than being ready for anything that comes your way. 

Get the training to master all objections here


Be great!


-Grant Cardone

Mastering Incoming Calls

Mastering Incoming Calls

Is your sales team mastering incoming calls or are they not as effective as they used to be? 

Mastering Incoming Calls

Have you or your team lost the “magic touch” that you once had? 


Uncle G is gonna show you how to get it back.


The solution is Cardone University’s Mastering Incoming Calls Course, in which I will teach you how to control the call and close the sale.Ma


Since we’re living in an unprecedented time, the way that we interact isn’t  what it used to be. The first step to improving your technique is understanding that your current phone skills are no longer going to work. People have changed the way they receive information…so you have to change the way you provide your services or products. 


You have to adapt and improve your approach to accommodate the “new normal” and how you communicate with your audience. To be highly impactful in your daily sales calls for your business you need to redefine and remaster your skills.


It’s time to sharpen your phone sales process and closing strategies to get results in the new economy, whatever it turns out to be.


When it comes to sales, without a doubt, phone skills are the KEY to business success so having the perfect pitch that includes a proven script is essential to your success.


In this Cardone University Mastering Incoming Calls Course you will…


  • Get everything you need to know about phone communication and how you can increase your sales with the right phone technique.


  • Learn how to identify your caller and assess the phone call – What do you know about this buyer?  How do you handle the call?  


  • Find out what greeting to use and what you can do to make sure each call ends in a successful conversion. 

Mastering Incoming Calls

Phone sales allow you to reach people quicker and take advantage of the millions of dollars of opportunities out there waiting for you to grab. When you have a strong and solid phone technique you can and will produce the outcome that you want. 


Better your approach to make every call a “money” call. 


Be great!


-Grant Cardone 

Get the training here.


How To Close Deals

Sales Secret #4 : How To Close Deals

If you want to close more sales you have to learn how to close more deals.


Sounds a bit simplistic but the reality is the diminishing production of the salesperson starts with the inability to close the sale. Why prospect, make cold calls, or follow-up if you continue to fail in the close?

This is why so many salespeople continue to do less and less over their career. In fact, did you know that the top producers outperform bottom producers by 10 to 1?

How To Close Deals


If you want to close those extra sales, it will not just come to you because you call on more people. You must learn to be a better closer. Here are seven things you can do to ensure you become a better closer:


  1. Make a Commitment to GreatnessYou have to get committed to being great, not just average. Sales can be a painful profession for the average and bottom performers and massively rewarding for those that are great. Those that live, breathe, and eat their profession become great. I have never met a GREAT closer that wasn’t all in and completely consumed by his/her trade.


All great success is preceded by a commitment to being great reinforced each day by the continuing commitment to being great. If you aren’t great you are average and I know you don’t want that.


  1. Get Multiple and Creative Closing StrategiesThe easy sales go down easy and the rest of them require extra effort and persistence. If you only have three or four strategies for closing the resistant buyer, you cannot stay in the transaction long enough to close.


Closing the customer is like taking a trip, you are limited to the amount of gas you have in the tank. A great closer will have more closing strategies than a customer has objections, stalls and reasons for not closing.


  1. Believe Price is the IssueBuyers are obsessed and consumed with price as the way to define value. The great closer knows this and is an expert at handling the price issue, knowing it is almost never the real issue. If the buyer is certain the product or service will solve the problem they will pay the price.


The same customer that has a black American Express card stands in line at Starbucks to pay too much for coffee, spends $90 for Pay Per View fight, and then complains about the cost of pizza and doesn’t want to tip the delivery guy. Price is never the issue it is how it is presented and how badly does the buyer believe the value of your offer exceeds its price.


The great closer is convinced that price is never THE reason people will not buy, no matter how many times their buyer says so. Price is a myth and it’s proven out every day by consumers, families, managers, and governments that are over budget. Everyone complains about price and then spends more than they want.


  1. Sell Your Story, Quit Buying the Customer’s StoryIn every sale, someone is closed. The question is always who is doing the selling? Is it you selling why you should do it now or why the buyer should not do it. Salespeople who buy into the customer’s story will always limit their production. That does not mean you should ignore them or lack empathy with their situation. It also doesn’t mean you should avoid closing the transaction because of their situation.


Average producers have a bad habit of becoming convinced–sold–on the customer’s reasons for not buying and abandon their own belief in their product and company. Fix this one thing and your production will soar, but you will be required to have strategies–see #2 above–to stay in the close. Remember, you don’t actually provide a service to your customer until you close the sale.


  1. Insist and Get the Close I talk a lot about how we have all been made to believe that pressure is bad, wrong, rude, and unprofessional. The reality is, pressure is necessary and vital to getting the extra sales closed and removing time from the sales cycle. Pressure makes diamonds after all and I will do anything and everything to close my customer because I believe in my product and offer. When you learn how to perfect the craft of insistence you can actually pressure a customer and they will admire you for it.


If you completely believe in your product, service, and your company you must be willing to apply the right amount of pressure to make the extra sales and earn extra customers. If your purpose and mission are valuable, you have an obligation to insist, and yes, even pressure your buyer. I once had a customer tell me, “are you pressuring me?” At which point I shared, “no, but I am willing to go there because I know this is the best solution for you–now let’s do this.” Some of my very best customers are one’s that I pressured to close.


  1. Tie Financial Goals to Closing SalesMany people in America are just getting by financially. Did you know that 76% of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck? The bottom line is that being average is a failing formula. Just getting by is painful and expensive and you need to knock it off. It is said that 20% of the people are responsible for 80% of the business. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I know that just making it doesn’t work for me or my family.


If you are struggling with the close, you may need to review your financial goals. Financial goals are tied in with what you want out of this life and when your financial needs are clear you will find yourself closing more sales. Make sure that you’re not just making a sales call to make a sales call, but to close the sale.


  1. Train on Becoming a Closing MasterGreat athletes know there is a difference between learning, practicing, performing and perfecting. The greats perfect their craft before they bring their game to the stadium. It has been said that it takes 10,000 hours to master any skill. The close is where the sales person is paid. You don’t get paid to sell you get paid to close. The basketball player gets paid to make the shot, not just show up on the game. Closing is a skill and it can be developed and crafted.


I have a complete program for professional salespeople that want to perfect their closing skills. It is filled with scripts where you can customize your closing techniques to your personal industry. It’s all inside Cardone University.

How to close deals


Don’t believe that being a good salesperson takes no effort. For many years I was average and it was painful. The checks were too small and the failures too often. Being average takes more effort than being great, so learn to be great at closing the sale and you will love sales more.


Learn how to close more deals today with Cardone University — FREE for a limited time.


Be Great—Grant Cardone

Respond to Customer Objections

Sales Secret #3: How to Respond to Customer Objections

Learn how to respond to customer objections. One of the greatest sales secrets you can learn is the ability to always handle your customer’s objections, complaints, and stalls. The truth is, having a customer in your store is a lot like taking someone into your home. First, you have to make them comfortable, introduce them, and handle fears. Unless this person visits you everyday they won’t be in their comfort zone. Even if you were in their home, they’d be a little uncomfortable.

People are “guarded” when they meet new people.

The first step to making people comfortable is the greeting. It sounds simple, but go out today and keep track of how many people say hello to you when you walk into their business. When a person is guarded you can’t get on common ground. You have to assure your customer, address their fears and beliefs, and put them at ease. Remember that you are not in the product business, you are in the people business. A “guarded” customer to me indicates a good thing—not a bad thing—because the more guarded a customer shows they are likely a buyer.

Customers will often have complaints like, “I’m not buying anything today,” or, “I’m just looking,” when greeted by you. Don’t take it personally. Be positive when you hear these things. Acknowledge them and disregard them. Continue to show interest regardless of what you hear. You have to learn to handle these complaints, which are born out of the buyer’s beliefs and complicated by their fears—do not handle them like objections. Often, a customer’s thinking goes, “I can’t trust him,” or, “He won’t tell me the truth”, but it actually has nothing to do with you. If you are telling the truth and they don’t believe you, it’s about the receiver not the giver. Even though it’s about them, it’s my problem so I need to be responsible to have control over the process and solve this problem of distrust.

The customer is thinking, “If I show interest they will pressure me to buy”, so they are protecting themselves. They are thinking, “it will take too long,” and that they don’t want to be stuck for 2 hours there in the store. They think, “I will feel obligated,” if they spend 2 hours with you looking at a product that they will have to do something with you.

Until you handle these complaints you won’t be able to handle your customers.

Respond to Customer Objections

You need to know the following:


—buyers fear making a decision, often more so than spending the money.

—buyers fear getting ripped off, making a bad decision and feeling like a fool later.

—buyers fear financial insecurity, as if they can’t afford your product when they really can.

—buyers fear pressure, and they don’t want to be pressured.

—buyers fear it will take too long.

—buyers fear they will be obligated to reciprocate.

—buyers fear they can’t say no.


The only way to put people at ease is to know what is going on with them.


Here are 4 simple steps to keep in mind as you greet each new customer:


  1. Put your buyer at ease.
  2. Understand why they say these complaints such as, “I’m not buying today”.
  3. Know what people need to feel at ease.
  4. Create responses to each complaint customers say to you in the greeting.


As I mentioned, your responsibility is to make people comfortable, introduce them, and handle their fears. This means you will need to find common ground.


The dictionary defines common ground as, “the basis of mutual interests or agreement.” The key word is agreement. You can’t get on common ground if you disagree with people. Forget this idea that opposites attract. In selling, opposites never attract.

Respond to Customer Objections

It’s vital to gaining trust and control that you take the time to get on common ground.


Your big challenge is to get on common ground without wasting the customer’s time. Most salespeople go out of their way hunting for this thing called common ground. “Where do you live?”, “Where do you work?”, “Nice kids you got there.”—these are all hit or miss because they are not reasons people came.

People don’t come in to talk about their kids or where they live. It’s not authentic. You must be authentic and genuine.


Think about what you have in common with everyone.

Common ground can include:

  1. Wanting Information—They want it, you have it.
  2. Getting in and out—you want that too.
  3. Making a good decision—You also want to be sure they don’t make a bad decision.
  4. Not being pressured—You don’t want to pressure them either.
  5. Don’t want to waste time—You don’t want to waste yours either.


Address all the above to get on common ground during the greeting, which will turn your customer’s negative thoughts into positive thoughts. To get exact word tracks and to know exactly what to say in the greeting and to get on common ground, get on Cardone University today—it includes my Handling Objections course!


Be great,