Keep your energy high and use these 5 helpful tips to stay on track in 2021. 


You want to start strong in 2021 and then keep going strong. You want to feel motivated so you can produce results that will lead to accomplishing all your goals. There are steps that you can take to make sure that you stay on your success path all year long. 


The HOW TO GO FROM ZERO TO 7 FIGURES course is the easy-to-follow formula to structure your new wealth journey. Note that I said “easy to follow”. You still need to show up and put in the effort. Here’s how:


1. Get Rid Of Your Shortage Mentality 

If you don’t lose your shortage mentality, you will feel guilty for pushing for more in life. If there is ever a shortage of money, the government will just print more of it—so, it’s not a matter of not being able to create a dollar; it’s a matter of finding out who has your money.


2. Never Compromise On What You Truly Want 

Nobody fantasizes about just having their basic needs met—or about having “enough.” Why? Because having “enough” is really just a compromise. People who have stopped pushing for more have compromised on what they truly want by comparing themselves to others. To give themselves some idea of “enough,” they look at what others have or don’t have. If you want to live an abundant life, don’t compromise 


3. Get Disciplined 

If you’re going to push for more in life, you’ll need to get disciplined— there’s no getting around it. If you do what the other 99% do, you’ll never have what the 1% have. The degree to which you advance is only limited by the amount of time and action you invest. 

Time X Actions = Measure of Advancement 


4. Commit to your Success
Make a decision to approach success as your duty, obligation, and responsibility. Then commit to it. Treating success as an option is one of the major reasons why more people don’t create it for themselves—and why most people don’t even get close to living up to their full potential. Commitment is key to success.



5. Take Action

Start operating at higher levels of action so that you can achieve the thing that you want in 2021 in a shorter time frame. With a solid routine, accountability coach, and consistency it will become almost second nature to continue because you will be winning. Victory creates its own momentum. It’s easier and comes more naturally to continue taking massive actions when you are winning—and winning is only possible with massive actions.


You are capable of creating the life you want, getting the things you’ve dreamed about, and achieving wealth in all aspects of your life. 





It starts with you and your mindset so THINK BIG!


Happy New Year!



3 Ways to Dominate Your Sales in 2021

3 Ways to Dominate Your Sales in 2021

Kickstart the year with 3 ways to dominate your sales in 2021.


The economy has been turned upside down this year and has pushed the future forward in regard to the way that business is being conducted. Selling today requires adapting to the current circumstances and reengineering the mechanics of the sales process. The steps to success never change, but this is a wakeup call to all of us that we need to reflect, reevaluate, and pivot to become bigger and better than ever in 2021 with a NEW GAMEPLAN! 

3 Ways to Dominate Your Sales in 2021

That is why I’ve designed the Billion Dollar Negotiation Secrets course on Cardone University for you to get powerful strategies that will help you in any situation. 


Here are three essentials to focus on moving forward to maximize your growth opportunities.


  1. Master Phone Skills and all Communication Channels– This is the time to ramp up training your people and their phone skills. With social distancing and the uncertainty that customers have about coming into your establishment, this is crucial to your success moving forward. You must have a call tracking platform and should be monitoring all calls to coach your team as well as implement management involvement to maximize every opportunity. Everything starts with the greeting and we recommend all your employees answer the phone with a consistent message such as “Thank you for calling Cardone Enterprises, what can I get you information on today?”. This does not end with the phone but also carries over to text, chat and social media engagement. When consumers reach out, they are looking for information and it is your responsibility to provide the answers. You need to build their trust to convert them into a new client.  Amazon set the precedence of what great customer service looks like and consumers expect timely response to their inquiries. Your team needs to be trained to understand what to say and what to do when the most common questions are asked. Missed opportunities are not an option in this current marketplace.
  2. Follow Up – This is the holy grail of the sales process.  You should be doing massive outreach and engaging with your customer base and prospects regularly. The follow up in the CRM will be essential in determining your success over the next 30-90 days. What are you doing to re-engage prospects in your internet lead bucket? This is the most common area where lack of proper engagement will cost you deals. You should have a 365 day follow up program in place and give your team the ammunition to know what to do and what to say. You need to provide a seamless way to implement this. Regardless of the circumstances your customers and prospects need to be aware of the opportunities available. You now have the opportunity to potentially provide large incentives and spread out their loan over a longer term, many times, and with a lower interest rate. These are options that can provide the urgency needed to close a deal today.  
  3. Data Mining– Leverage your data mining software and create call lists for your team. This gives you a reason for the call to alleviate potential call reluctance. Maximize the programs that you have with your manufacturer and create another sales pipeline. You can provide an instant 15-20% life in sales volume for your dealership that way. Here is an easy tip to create hand raisers – every night run the list of service customers for the following day and prepare a personalized letter to attach to their invoice that gives them the opportunity to upgrade. When your team follows up on the service experience you can also provide a soft touch to mention the opportunity again. This provides a two touch in 24hrs. 


3 Ways to Dominate Your Sales in 2021


The businesses that focus on expansion and doing the things that others won’t, 

 will grab market share and dominate.


Check out the Billion Dollar Negotiation Secrets course on Cardone University and get a multitude of strategies that you can implement in 2021 to increase your business and more!




Make 2021 your best year yet.



Is Your Team Asking Hard Questions?

Is Your Team Asking Hard Questions?

A part of the selling process is being inquisitive so is your team asking hard questions that close?


The reason I ask is, when I started my first business at 29, I anticipated that it would take me three months to get the income I previously had. Well, it actually took me three years. Three months in, I nearly quit – not because of the money, but because of the amount of resistance and disappointment I experienced. I was lost…


I wasn’t asking the right questions, I wasn’t taking enough risks, and I wasn’t closing as many sales as I wanted because I didn’t have the right answers… but now I do and I am sharing this with you.

Is Your Team Asking Hard Questions?

Extreme success, by definition, lies beyond the realm of normal action. You have to get uncomfortable and ask hard questions in order to “hit that vein” and get the customer to have a realization and make a decision right there and then.

When it comes to selling there is a proven process that will generate results and you can find in my The Sales Process course on Cardone University. 


Along with a solid strategy plan and the right questions, your business can significantly increase to 10X levels.


Here are seven hard questions your team needs to ask your customers:


  1. Why haven’t you done this already?
  2. Have you ever done something like this before?
  3. What’s your real concern?
  4. If I resolve all your concerns would you make a decision to buy?
  5. If I handle everything, are you in a position to make the decision?
  6. Other than yourself who needs to be involved?
  7. How can you justify investing this much money?


In Cardone University you will get access to new tactics and proven tools that will help your team generate leads, get past the gatekeepers, master objections, and control the conversation in order to close every deal.

Is Your Team Asking Hard Questions?

The Sales Process course will show you how to get motivated to create the perfect sales process for both you and your customers. The sales training in this course offers a blended learning approach, which includes consultation from your in-house training facilitator to help design your perfected sales process, and then follow up with a plan to implement it.




Asking questions is always a good look.



Where Is Your Loyalty, Boss?

Where Is Your Loyalty, Boss?

Where is your loyalty, boss? When you start a business your allegiance has to be to the business first. If the welfare of your business is not your one and only concern, all those big plans and ambitious goals will never be realized.  It took me years to learn this after some very hard lessons but I eventually got it into my head that the company comes first. Now that might seem a bit harsh and make it appear like I don’t care about the people who work for me. Nothing could be further from the truth. I appreciate every single one of my employees and consider them like family. I would do anything to help them…

…but how much help do you think I can be if my company goes under because I make decisions based on personal feelings rather than the facts? 

Where Is Your Loyalty, Boss?

As your business grows and you engage with more people both inside and outside of your organization, you can’t let your personal feelings get in the way. Your decisions have to be based on one thing-how do they affect your business?  Now, decisions are made based on information so you had better do your research before you make those decisions but how much time to do you spend on research before you act? There is such a thing as too much due diligence because now more than ever, speed to market is critical. That’s why when it comes to directing the people who make up your organization it’s vital that you have information that’s current and correct. The better trained your employees are, the better they’ll perform and the less you’ll have to worry about the little day-to-day details. That means you can focus on the important things like scaling up and dominating your space. 


Even though it seems so obvious many business owners forget this and let emotions cloud their judgement. It often prevents them from making right decisions and cripples them from making the hard decisions that every business owner has to face. I’ve had to make so many tough calls since I started, especially when COVID-19 hit. I didn’t want to let anyone go but I had no choice because I had a responsibility to the company. Too many people, both employees and customers were counting on Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Capital, Cardone University and my other companies to see them through.


The backbone of capitalism is to start a business and create jobs but that is a huge commitment. You have a responsibility to maintain sustainability. You now have customers depending upon you. You have employees relying on you. The primary mission of a business is to take care of it’s customers and its employees and in some cases its shareholders. If someone or something is affecting your ability to make decisions based solely on the good of your company you need to seriously consider how to deal with the situation. Failure to do so could result in disaster and then where will you be? Where will your employees be? Your customers? 

Where Is Your Loyalty, Boss?

I cover this critically important aspect of business operations in many of my courses including my 10X Mentor Program and my Accelerator training. This year, business owners will need a bullet-proof, crisis proof plan to be able to handle the inevitable ups and downs of 2021. Then as they proceed they must do so with the mentality that the business comes first. That’s the best way to take care of your employees, your customers and yourself.


If you are a business owner who needs some guidance in getting back on track or taking it to the next level, Cardone University offers everything you need to make it happen. Click here to sign up for FREE.

14 Rules of Handling Objections in Negotiations

14 Rules of Handling Objections in Negotiations

There are 14 rules to handling objections in negotiations and I am sharing that valuable information with you today.


Your team can close 40% more deals and it starts with them fully understanding how to navigate the sale process and how to respond in ways that will get the customer to BUY!


Most salespeople fail in the close because they simply do not have the words to say to handle buyer objections. 


The lack of understanding in this area will inevitably cause an untrained salesperson to lose a customer, and at best use a discount as a way to entice a buyer decision. Only 10-20% of the time you are in a transaction is spent in the close, yet it is where 100% of your income as a salesperson comes from. Bottom line, if you want to learn how to increase your income as a salesperson, you must learn to master the close.

14 Rules of Handling Objections in Negotiations

The Closing Strategies course gives exact word tracks on how to handle sales objections. Sales training word tracks are given for objections such as “I need to think about it”, “The price is too high”, “I need to talk to my spouse/manager/ supervisor/owner/Director”. Nothing will cause a sales person to lose their confidence faster than not being able to handle the same problems over and over again and the Closing Strategies course will equip your team with confidence boosting rebuttals guaranteed to increase production!


When it comes to selling, there is a success formula and within this formula there are proven strategies which you can implement in your business starting today when you and your team take the Closing Strategies course.


Here are 14 helpful rules for handling objections in negotiations:


  1. Never give any one objection too much power.
  2. Never talk while the buyer objects.
  3. Never take an objection personally.
  4. Never handle more than one objection at a time.
  5. Never make verbal solutions or offers.
  6. Never abandon negotiations because of an objection.
  7. Never disagree with the buyer.
  8. Never confuse the person with the objection.
  9. Never believe objection will keep the buyer from buying.
  10. Never let the buyer get into a no-win situation.
  11. Never let the objection get you down.
  12. Never ignore an objection.
  13. Never quit communicating no matter what.
  14. Never blame the customer or other conditions for the objection.


Objections are never a reason to stop the deal but a reason to close your deal. Master the objection and you have a chance to master the close.

14 Rules of Handling Objections in Negotiations

Get the Closing Strategies course so you can create more business for yourself!




Make 2021 your best year yet,



100 Ways to Stay Motivated

100 Ways to Stay Motivated

Believe it or not there are 100 ways to stay motivated and I will show you how!


We are living in a world that is going through difficult times right now, I know you know this.


As we all face some big challenges as a nation we have to remember that no matter what you or your team might be going through, there is a solution and it starts with a positive mindset.


Sometimes it can be hard to be happy in hard times and stay motivated when there’s so much noise around but it’s important for your overall health. 


You have to stay motivated so you can keep progressing in your success journey by being proactive, taking action, and sticking to your commitment no matter the circumstances.


This goes for you and for your team who may be going through tough issues you may not even know about…


Now, how can you remain motivated and encourage your team to be motivated with all the noise that’s around you?


In the 100 Ways to Stay Motivated Course you can find various ways to create effective routines, implement success strategies, and build proven structures to keep yourself on track to achieve personal goals and company objectives. 


Did you know that the disengaged worker costs the US economy over $500 BILLION per year? 

100 Ways to Stay Motivated

If your team is not motivated, it could be costing your company tens and thousands of dollars a year.


Motivation is the secret sauce that can drive company profits through the roof. One of the biggest challenges that leaders face is how they can get their team motivated and then keep them there. Motivation can come and go. It is a muscle that must be strengthened and developed. 


So what is the effect of a motivated, engaged staff on your customers? 41% of customers in a recent survey are loyal to a brand because of the attitude of the people who represent it while 68% of customers will defect from a brand based on an experience with a disengaged employee.


The 100 Ways to Stay Motivated course is a step-by-step checklist of things you and your team can do to be more motivated on a daily basis. The levels of motivation that your team operates with are not determined solely by what happens from 9-5 in the office. In fact, much of what contributes to team motivation is the result of what happens away from the office. 


Here’s what you’ll find out…


  • Tips to motivating a team
  • How to find your personal “switch”
  • 3 ways to sustain levels of motivation
  • Mastering Goal Setting
  • And so much more!


This course is guaranteed to wake up the dead!

100 Ways to Stay Motivated

Get Cardone University’s 100 Ways to Stay Motivated course today.



Get pumped!



Understanding The Buyer

Understanding The Buyer

Understanding the buyer starts with understanding how you buy…


In 2020 there we were hit with an unforeseen pandemic that rocked the entire world which shifted our thought process when making a purchase.


Of course buying habits will change depending on the economy, season, and special circumstances which is why we have to pay attention and be prepared. 

Understanding The Buyer

Even though we are not all programmed the same, our buying thought process follows a type of flow no matter what.


It has to do with the way products or services are presented to us, the amount of times we see them, and the need we have for them at the current moment. 


Have you seen a change in the way that you and other people buy nowadays?… and the type of items or services that are being bought?…and how often you make a purchase?


Believe it or not, there is a method to the madness.


If you are a business owner who wants to increase sales and close more deals than you need to understand your customers needs and deliver your products or services in a direct way…


…all of which I can show you in the Understanding The Buyer Cardone University course. 


This is one of our most popular courses where you will get to identify your customer and learn  how to effectively guide them through the sales process.

Almost every single customer is different and within this course you will…


  • Find out important rules in selling.
  • Find out the ONE thing that every customer will spend more money on.
  • Find out how you can be successful with every customer, not just the easy ones.
  • Find out how to handle a difficult customer.
  • Find out how to handle a customer who’s asking for a discount.

Understanding The Buyer

In the Understanding The Buyer Cardone University course you’ll get everything you need to make a MASSIVE change in your how you run your business.

Understanding is the first part, taking action is the second part.


CLICK HERE to get access to the course.


Let’s go!



What Makes A Company Strong?

What Makes A Company Strong?

What makes a company strong? People look at strength in different ways. Some believe that there is strength in numbers. Others follow “the chain is only as strong as its weakest link” mindset. I say that strength comes from above and from within, meaning leaders must project strength to their employees or team members who must then use that strength to accomplish the company’s mission. 

I have been in business for over 35 years and I owe a lot of my success to the hard-working, disciplined, and goal oriented 10X’ers who make up Cardone Enterprises and define the culture I have created.

I built a sales and marketing powerhouse which is driven by that culture. Now I want you to have the same so that your business can also have a culture that creates opportunities, produces results, thereby increasing your revenue.

What Makes A Company Strong?


Getting your team in sync, supportive of one-another, and working strategically to hit your business goals is within reach!

There is a way to build structure in your company and it starts with you.

I created the Top Traits of Great Salespeople course which is designed to help your salespeople sharpen their skills, develop new abilities, and adopt positive habits that will not only increase sales but strengthen the communication within your organization.

When your team learns to function with a dominant mindset, your business will blow up to MASSIVE levels. These four things are essential to making that happen:

  • Belief – Solidifies goals, targets, and financial freedom for you and your team.
  • Positivity – A foundational mindset which establishes good energy and vibrations. 
  • Massive Thinking – Brings on new possibilities for growth.
  • Taking Action – Creating opportunities, taking risks, and making decisions that creates productivity and effectiveness. 

What differentiates successful businesses from others is how effectively, efficiently and cohesive their teams operate. 

Success comes from relentless refinement of the craft and The Top Traits of Great Salespeople lays out the road map for a professional at ANY stage of their career to escalate their game to a whole new level!

What Makes A Company Strong?

Get your team to work together so that your business is running like a well oiled SUPERCHARGED machine. 

CLICK HERE to get Top Traits of Great Salespeople Course now!

Be great.



How You Can Avoid Making Money Mistakes

Here’s How You Can Avoid Money Making Mistakes

Since I have over 35 years of experience in handling money, making money, and spending money, I want to show you how you can avoid money making mistakes.


Here’s the thing…

Everyone makes mistakes with money.

You can steer clear of these financial blunders at every stage of your life by learning what they are first, so you don’t make them yourself.

How You Can Avoid Making Money Mistakes

Here are some things that could be preventing you from growing your wealth…


  • You get too comfortable with what you have.
  • You fear diversification.
  • You only depend on one income flow.
  • You compare yourself to others.
  • You invest in trends and not the right things.
  • You trust without proof.
  • You save only to save and not invest. 
  • You are a pretend spender.

Any of these ring a bell?!?

Let me tell you something, the way you treat money is the way that money treats you.

How You Can Avoid Making Money Mistakes
What I mean by that is that you have to THINK BIG and take MASSIVE ACTION if you want to achieve wealth in all aspects of your life.

I created a course especially for you to learn how to get your head right so you can get your money right and have it all.

Check out the Cardone University Personal Finance Course where I will show you how to…

  • Create multiple dependable income streams over long periods of time.
  • Pursue freedom by abandoning your comfort zone.
  • Recognize pretenders and how they waste your money.
  • and SO much more….

If you are having doubts about your current financial situation, looking for investment solutions, or need more guidance into what you should be doing with your money to make more of it…

…spend some time with me and learn the step-by-step process into how you can create personal financial freedom for yourself and your family.

Take the Cardone University Personal Finance Course right now and start making BIG money decisions.

CLICK HERE to access the course.

Be great because nothing else pays,


5 Pillars to Building a Business

5 Pillars to Building a Business

What are the 5 pillars to building a business? When it comes to creating, building, and inc reading business there is a strategy that works! 

It’s important that you believe in your product. If you won’t buy it yourself, then you’re not sold yourself. If you can’t pass the simple test of being willing to buy your own product, you’ll never be able to sell others in large numbers.

5 Pillars to Building a Business

First and foremost you have to be passionate about what you sell and be sold on it yourself so that you can get the revenue that you want.

Second, you need to know the 5 pillars to building a business:

  1. Financial Intelligence.
    1. Determine how far you can go with big ideas.
    2. Understand that money follows attention and attention follows money.
  2. Marketing.
    1. You will not make the sale without the marketing.
    2. You must become a marketing genius.
  3. Sales & Closing.
    1. Sell a product and close a deal.
    2. Nothing will validate your ideas more than a sale.
  4. Execution.
    1. Push through with your idea.
    2. Reasons people can’t execute…
      1. Confusion.
      2. Selling for a status quo.
      3. Payoff is not big enough.
      4. Team is not on the same page.
      5. No accountability on the executive level.
  5. Scaling.
    1. Build the team out and scale the team.
    2. If you don’t scale you won’t survive.

5 Pillars to Building a Business

Your ideas will succeed or fail depending on your marketing and you need to keep taking action!


Find out how you can close deals and make massive profit in my new Cardone University course online.




Be great,