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5 Ways to Market When Social Media is Down

What do you do when your entire business is based online, and social media is down? Well, if you remember, earlier this month, we couldn’t use social media for several hours. Naturally, businesses were freaking out because most of their sales and marketing happens on these social platforms. Here are 5 ways to market when […]

Successful Sales Strategies For Q4

As you head into Q4, are you thinking about how to end off the year with a bang? You can achieve your Q4 financial goals, or they could go down in flames. You have to start thinking about what you can do so that your sales don’t decrease during this time. Start with these successful […]

How Does Your Sales Team Measure Up?

How does your sales team measure up against other successful sales teams? A lot can be said about your sales team when you compare numbers with others. Are they selling enough? Are they making enough calls? Are they closing enough deals? What are their strategies? Are they trying new sales tactics?    As we head […]

5 Reasons Why Sales Teams Burnout

Sales team burnout is a serious problem for sales organizations. Sales teams are the foundation of any company and carry the weight of the business’s future on their shoulders. It’s up to them to hit their quota, find qualified leads, and close almost every single one. But, at some point, salespeople burnout because of stress, […]

How To Be A Successful Leader

There are many different definitions of leadership, but there is one thing that all successful leaders have in common: They know how to inspire people and motivate them to take action.  One way they do this is by telling stories or painting pictures with their words. The other way is through visioning. A successful leader […]

5 Rules to Hack Your Sales Game

In sales, there are rules. These rules will  ensure your success if followed correctly. We’re about to cover the 5 rules to hack your sales game that will ultimately help you skyrocket your commission checks and keep your prospects running back to you again and again.   Rule #1: Always be seated when negotiating and […]

Why Your Sales Team is Failing

This story is about a sales team that was boring and unmotivated. They were failing miserably and barely meeting their goals every quarter. The company asked me to come in and turn it around for them because they had tried everything else on the market with no success.    I told them that if they […]

Three Ways to Close the Sale

The art of closing sales is an elusive one. It takes a talent for persuasion, the know-how to present your offer in the best light possible, and an understanding that when you ask someone to buy something from you it’s not really about them at all.  The customer doesn’t care about what they’re buying as […]

5 Steps to Become a Millionaire

You’ve probably heard the stories of lottery winners who are now bankrupt, celebrities who were swimming in cash but spent it all, and people who use up all of their extra cash on materialistic things. Is there a way to  keep from heading down that path and to become a millionaire? The answer is yes, […]

5 Tips To Increase Sales

A lot of people try to wing it in sales; some think they’re great talkers, have a like-able personality, high energy, and believe they can use their charm to close the deal. Many people have the idea that all you need is to get in front of people, have a good attitude, and talk about […]