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How to Hire The Right People

The biggest problem in business is hiring the wrong people. Today, I want to talk to you about how to hire the right people.   We have all heard horror stories of bad hires and how they can cost your company hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. There’s always someone who gossips about everyone […]

How to Build a Winning Sales Team

Your sales team is the backbone of your business. That means you need to know how to build a winning sales team.   There are many different ways that you can go about building a winning sales force, and not all of them will be right for every company. One of your top priorities as […]

How To Close Deals For Massive Profit

The #1 way to become a selling machine is to learn how to close deals for massive profit. How do you do that? There’s a few things you need to know about closing deals and that involves the following: Strengthen Your Sales Pitch: Emphasize the benefits that come with taking action. Your sales pitch is […]

Traits of Top performing Salespeople

For most people, sales scares the living heck outta them, but not you. If you wanna become the best of + best in sales, you have to learn about the traits of top-performing salespeople, adopt them, and you too can find success.  #1 Knowledgeable. The top performing salesperson is a person who knows their product/service […]

7 Requirements for Closing The Sale

Before I begin–if any 1 of the below 7 requirements for closing the sale are missing, you will not close the sale.    Important things you should know…   “The close is not for you, it is for the customer.” “The close represents 100% of your earnings.”  “The close is the first time your buyer […]

Closing A Deal Is Rarely About Price

Now, you may have heard me talk about this before, but it’s important to understand that in order to be an effective salesperson you have to believe in other people. That’s because closing a deal is rarely about price. It’s more about the people involved so you need to understand them and what motivates them. […]

What’s The Hurry? Time Is Still Money!

When I start a presentation, I make it clear to the prospect that my intention is to have the product or service being used by the client this week. What’s the hurry? Time is still money. So I come on strong and fast by saying, “Thanks for your time today, my goal is to deliver […]

Three Ways To Rebuild And Rebound

OK, we all know 2020 was rough for anyone in sales. Hell, it was probably the worst time in many sales professionals’ entire careers. I get it. You get it but now it’s time to get up, dust off, and bounce back. There is a straight-forward and simple plan which is made up of three […]

Five Signs That No Means Yes

To the inexperienced salesperson any of these might sound like the end of a conversation with no possibility of a close. To professional sales experts (like those on my team) they know it’s just the beginning because they recognize these classic five signs that no means yes.   In my experience, when a prospect tells […]

Five Myths That Are Killing Your Sales

Cold calling doesn’t work. Selling through social channels is the only way. It’s all about digital marketing. More leads means better leads. Automation has replaced person to person contact. Buyers know everything now. Nobody can be sold unless they want to be. People don’t even want to talk to a salesperson anymore.    And so […]